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Water and electricity renovation is a concealed project in the decoration, and the decoration of concealed projects is particularly important, because if problems with water and electricity are found after the decoration, it will be a big project, which will be time-consuming, labor-consuming and money-consuming. Therefore, if you want to live in a stable home after the decoration of your new house, you should understand the key points of water and electricity renovation, and then pay more attention to each key point of decoration during the decoration, Now let's take a look at the decoration budget and key points of hydropower renovation

key points of hydropower Transformation:

(I) do a good job in hydropower positioning

it is reported that before the water and electricity transformation, the owner had better first determine the model and category of household appliances he needs, the model and location of various switches and sockets, as well as the location of the waterway interface, and reserve space for arrangement according to his actual needs and the model of various household equipment to do a good job in water and electricity positioning. Cabinets are generally customized by professional cabinet companies, which requires the cabinet companies to provide specific design drawings, and strictly arrange the direction of kitchen circuits, waterways, and the specific positions of various switches, interfaces, etc. in accordance with the design drawings

(II) control the cost

as a concealed project in home decoration, hydropower transformation is the main source of profit for decoration companies. Before the water and electricity transformation, we should discuss with the decoration company about the specific direction of the water circuit and the location of switches, sockets and interfaces. Let the decoration company issue specific water and electricity transformation drawings and detailed cost lists. In the water and electricity transformation, the decoration company is required to strictly follow the water and electricity transformation drawings to avoid unnecessary waste

(III) strong current and weak current are separated

electrical equipment such as televisions, air conditioners, water heaters, etc. are connected to strong electric wires. Weak current wires are connected with cable TV lines, broadband lines, telephone lines and other information equipment. Not only can strong and weak wires not be connected, but also a distance of at least 30 cm must be maintained to avoid current interference

(IV) control the quality

water and electricity transformation is a concealed project. Once the water and electricity acceptance is completed, the wall is painted and tiled, and then the engineering problems are found, it is not convenient to repair. Therefore, in the hydropower transformation, we should not only pay attention to the construction quality, but also carefully select materials. As for the materials required in the water and electricity transformation, manager Wang of Jiuding Decoration Engineering Department suggested that some well-known national standard products be used, at least with a quality guarantee in the material selection

key points of water and electricity Renovation:

(I) water improvement price

the unit price per meter of water pipe renovation (PP-R pipe)

the unit price per meter of drainage pipe renovation (50 and below pipe diameter) is 50-80 yuan

the unit price per meter of valve diameter 20mm is 65 yuan, and the unit price per 25mm is 80 yuan

the unit price per square meter of toilet sediment excavation is 60 yuan

(II) power transformation price

2.5mm2 strong current transformation unit price is 23 yuan per meter

4mm2 strong current transformation unit price is 28 yuan per meter

6mm2 strong current transformation unit price is 38 yuan per meter, the original tube through the wall wire unit price is 18 yuan per meter

cassette each is 5-15 yuan

wall punching is 10-30 yuan

TV line, telephone line, network cable are about 20 yuan per meter

switch socket 100-200 yuan range

after the completion of the home decoration project, most decoration owners have found that the cost of water and electricity transformation is much higher than the quotation of the decoration company. Therefore, the decoration budget of hydropower transformation summarized by Xiaobian is believed to solve many problems for many owners. Recommended reading: water and electricity renovation notes

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