Please check the annual double day courtesy of Cal

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Shuangdan will enjoy benefits! From now on to January 20, 2018, visit the official stores of Calia in person to check your new year's Day reception

there is a kind of welfare,

grab it,

speed is fast,

posture is handsome,

you can come late,

but don't be too late,

because it's too late,

you will miss Kalia this year,

this last wave of big profits

(live display of some stores)

double day will enjoy benefits.

from now on,

to January 20, 2018,

Kaliya Ganzhou, Haikou, Haimen,

Hengyang, Kaizhou, Mengzi, Nanchang,

Pingxiang, Rugao, Tiantai, Xianyou,

Dezhou, Hefei, Jieyang, Pinghu,

Changxing, Qianjiang, Ningbo and other official stores,

. both launched double day Shenghui activities as scheduled,

you can visit relevant stores nearby,

like them,

choose your favorite environmental protection products

in addition,

during the event period,

relatives who enter the store can receive relevant gifts free of charge,

choose the relevant product setter,

can enjoy the factory direct supply package price,

can also smash small golden eggs to win popularity gifts

cabinets need to be healthier

there are many business activities at the end of the year,

why do you have to come to Calia to buy cabinets?

seriously, the reason to come to Calia,

it doesn't need much, maybe one is enough:

healthy, environmentally friendly and durable

Calia stainless steel cabinet,

all 304 food grade stainless steel intelligent manufacturing,

without adding a piece of wood,

healthy and environmentally friendly, durable,

now double day discount is full,

act quickly,

healthy kitchen is waiting for you ~





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