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Lu Xiaoxiao, the host, will record the whole decoration process of his home, and share with you the joys and hardships, lessons and experiences

this year's National Day holiday should be the most substantial holiday I have had in recent years. I rush to various furniture cities and building materials cities every day, and buy a full set of household appliances in the time limited rush purchase organized by merchants. There is almost no rest time left in the seven days. However, looking at my increasingly complete family background, I feel very gratified. After all, when the project entered October, my home decoration took another important step towards the end of victory

● keep accounts carefully and don't miss the benefits of the golden week

keep accounts. This is an important work that my home decoration has been carried out synchronously from the beginning and updated at any time. With the progress of the project, the role and significance of this electronic account book are more and more prominent. Therefore, it is also recommended here that friends who are preparing to decorate and are decorating must keep accounts in time. A clear and clear decoration bill is really very useful: monitoring expenditure, checking prices, recording progress, and finally accounting for the refund with the home decoration company, all rely on this account book to know well

take the electronic bill made in Excel in my home as an example, which includes a general ledger and five sub bills. The general ledger is used to record the overall expenditure. The five sub bills are engineering bill, main material bill, furniture bill, electrical appliance bill and property bill (used to record the garbage cleaning fee paid to the property, decoration guarantee deposit, etc.), and the original price, discount, rebate and final actual amount of each expenditure are also recorded in detail under each sub bill, when and for what It is clear at a glance how many discounts you have received

in addition to the important daily role of this bill, I would like to mention that we must pay attention to its "extraordinary role" in "extraordinary times" such as the golden week. Before the national day, I mentioned to you that during the national day, you must shop around the brands of main materials you ordered. Once you find a new discount, you should inform your main materials clerk in time to record the list according to the new price. Sure enough, after shopping in the market for a few days, the cabinets, bathtubs, floors and wallpapers I ordered were holding more preferential activities than when I ordered them at the beginning. After several items, I could save nearly 2000 yuan, which made me happy. Not only these, the National Day is definitely the golden period for "decorators" to make big purchases. I also bought many things such as home appliances and sofas in the rain, saving a lot of money compared with normal times

this is true for a person. It is even more conceivable that the main material clerk of a home decoration company has to face more than a dozen or even dozens of customers at the same time. In the words of my main material clerk Xiao Xu, "from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., there is almost no time for the mobile phone to rest." It's understandable which order has been omitted in such a complicated work, but if she forgets, if we as consumers don't pay attention anymore, the benefits we should have lost. At this time, it can particularly reflect the role of my bill. It is through this list that I found that Xiao Xu missed the new price of the bathtub after "100 minus 20", and corrected it in time through verification, and recovered the discount of nearly 500 yuan

so, after the holiday, it's best to make a detailed bill by yourself and check it with the bill of the main material clerk. Don't let the benefits we finally "squeeze" in the crowded mall fall short because of negligence

● restart work. Don't forget the "leftover problems" before the holiday.

compared with our consumers' non-stop during the National Day holiday, our construction site is in a relatively deserted state these days. Because it is a legal holiday, decoration workers also have to stop work, so seven days is basically a "half shutdown"

since it is a "semi shutdown", some remaining problems in the decoration may also be covered up or even forgotten during this relatively static period. Especially at this juncture of decoration, most of the basic works have been completed, except for the three seemingly complex projects of laying wall tiles, painting and flooring, which are not the most related to the quality of decoration, It is more necessary to sort out and accept the projects that have been done before

for my family, I am most worried about the safety of waterway reconstruction and the tightness of waterproof coating. The safety of waterway is watertight, which is directly related to whether there will be hidden dangers in the future. When I went to the construction site for the last time before the long holiday, I found a large watermark on the corner of the outer wall of the bathroom. As for whether it was caused by poor waterproof or other reasons, I haven't been clear. When I went to the construction site two days ago, I found that the watermark had evaporated and there was no trace, but this does not mean that the possible water leakage problem does not exist. Therefore, before starting work after the National Day holiday, the primary solution is to find out the source of the watermark, and do another closed water test if necessary. I'm afraid every home will encounter such problems that may be "hidden" after a holiday, but don't neglect and forget them because of a holiday

in addition to these, the connection of projects before and after the holiday is not a particularly complicated thing. Because the so-called "half shutdown" is accurately understood as the workers are "taking turns" to slow down the progress of the project, not completely stop. Moreover, for some work that must be done at one go, the construction team of the formal decoration company will ensure continuity, and the owner can rest assured about this. However, it should be noted that the construction period delayed by the National Day holiday will generally be included in the construction period agreed in the contract, and special cases should also be explained when signing the decoration contract. In other words, if the construction team is based on the country





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