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In recent years, with the maturity of the concept of environmentally friendly home furnishing and the development of new material technology, there are more and more types of wall decoration materials. In addition to the color patterns owned by wallpaper and paint, the overall background wallboard surface is characterized by a strong sense of three-dimensional, concave convex surface, which is a replacement product of wallpaper and paint. Therefore, in addition to traditional paint and wallpaper, the overall background wallboard has become a new choice for many modern home decoration

compared with traditional decoration, what are the advantages of the overall background wallboard

1. The installation of the overall background wallboard is simpler and faster. The conventional decoration process is complex, time-consuming and laborious, and the decoration can be completed in a few days with the installation of wallboards, that is, the installation and living

2. The overall background wallboard is moisture-proof, sound insulation and heat insulation. The wallboard uses multi-layer solid wood as raw material, which is stable, anti-aging, water erosion resistant, and sound insulation, which helps to improve our sleep quality

3. The overall background wallboard style is diversified. The traditional decoration style is single, and most of them are patchwork. The decoration styles of wallboards are diverse, with different manifestations. They are fashionable and beautiful or calm and atmospheric. The dream combination can be completed according to the designer's design. The overall background wallboard meets the different needs of different consumers, with colors and styles at will. Since solid wood wallboard has so many benefits, we should choose this material when choosing wall decoration

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