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The sofa will inevitably be damaged after being used for a long time. If buying a new sofa feels a little wasteful, many people will choose to repair and replace the leather of the sofa. What are the methods of repairing and replacing the leather of the sofa? In order to make the service life of leather sofa longer, we should also pay attention to its maintenance. What are the maintenance methods of leather sofa? Next, Xiaobian will briefly introduce the method of sofa repair and leather replacement and the maintenance method of leather sofa

I. Methods for repairing and changing the leather of sofa

1. Cleaning

the sofa will inevitably leave dirt in daily use. We should clean the sofa before repairing and changing the leather of the sofa. For example, leather sofa, we can use leather cleaner to remove the residual wax and stains on the leather sofa. Using leather cleaner can also improve the leather surface of the sofa, which is ready for our next repair

2. Patching

we can use a scraper to scrape and apply evenly on the damaged surface of the sofa. According to the size of the sofa damage, we can choose a similar leather material and paste it with neoprene glue. Or we can use a special leather patching paste to coat the damaged part of the sofa. After repair, we also need to change the color. We can color it according to the color of the sofa, Spray directly on the repaired leather surface, and wait until it is completely dry

3. Change the leather

if the damaged area of the sofa is relatively large, we can only find a professional repairman to change the leather and renovate it. When changing the leather of the sofa, we'd better choose the classic imitation leather. If the living room is small and the style is simple and elegant, we can choose the imitation leather of small and fresh style

4. After sales maintenance

how to damage the sofa is within the warranty period of the product. We can go to the merchant who buys the product to find the after-sales clerk, and ask the merchant to contact the special maintenance personnel for door-to-door maintenance, or call the maintenance phone on the warranty card

5. Buy a sofa cover

if the damaged area of the sofa is not obvious, or there are only some small scratches, we can also choose to protect the sofa with a sofa cover, which can not only prevent further damage to the sofa, but also make it more convenient to clean it up

II. Maintenance methods of leather sofa

1. New sofa

after we buy a new sofa, we need to remove the dust and dirt on the surface of the sofa with a wrung wet towel first. When we clean the leather sofa, we can't wash it with water or wipe it with gasoline. After cleaning, we use professional care agent to gently smear the surface of the sofa once or twice

2. Avoid sharp tool scratches

we try to avoid sharp tool scratches on the sofa in the process of daily use. If we are not careful to make the sofa leather have small cracks and scratches, we can use egg white to grind ink or the corresponding watercolor paint, and then apply it repeatedly until it is dry, and then we apply leather coat polish on it

Xiaobian summary: This is a brief introduction to the methods of repairing and replacing leather sofas and the maintenance methods of leather sofas. I hope that after reading this article, I can provide you with reference and help





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