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transcosmos group (hereinafter referred to as transcosmos; headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and coo: OTA Changxiao) exclusively provides loyalty marketing services based on the new 5A marketing concept in Japan to Tokyo Marine Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; Chairman: xiaomiyagi)

most industrialized nano materials are chemical synthesis methods. What is 5A?

the book "cotra marketing 4.0" puts forward the concept of 5A, which reflects the customer journey in the network era, and uses a paper locking wheel to fix it, namely A1 (cognition: aware), A2 (appeal: approve), A3 (inquiry: ask), A4 (action: Act), A5 (recommendation: Advocate). This concept describes that the willingness to consume is no longer determined by consumers alone, but will be influenced by various voices and determined by group opinions. Based on this concept, two new indicators to measure brand value are introduced, namely par (purchase action ratio) and bar (brand recommendation ratio). According to these two indicators, the standard for measuring corporate brand awareness is not only the traditional purchase conversion rate, but also the recommendation rate

transcosmos released 5A loyaltysuite in may2019, which is a set of outsourcing services with powerful data processing functions combined with 5A mode, including digital marketing. Tokyo maritime Holdings Co., Ltd. has been using 5A royaltysuite provided by transcosmos since June 2019, aiming to further improve customer loyalty and brand strategy

Mr. zhulongxing, director of business strategy Department of Tokyo offshore Holdings Co., Ltd. and global general head of Tokyo offshore innovation office, made a speech on this:

in order to play a role in the urgent needs of customers, we must constantly develop new products and services to adapt to the changes of customers and society. Facing an unprecedented important turning point in the industry, we hope to use transcosmos' 5A royaltysuite to build a more effective verification cycle, so as to accurately grasp customer needs

transcosmos Group Executive Officer Hiroshi Fukushima delivered a speech as follows:

as a leading enterprise in Japan, Tokyo maritime Holdings Co., Ltd. has provided strong support for Japan's social and economic development. I am very honored that Tokyo maritime Holdings Co., Ltd. has introduced 5A royaltysuite service. Through this cooperation, I believe that Tokyo maritime Holdings Co., Ltd. can quickly and effectively improve brand loyalty and build brand strategy

based on the results of using 5a, transcosmos will support Tokyo offshore Holdings Co., Ltd. to implement various measures such as improving customer maintenance and cross selling insurance products

about Tokyo maritime Holding Co., Ltd.

Tokyo maritime group is composed of Tokyo maritime Holding Co., Ltd. and 249 subsidiaries and 22 affiliated companies around the world. Its main businesses are Japan's domestic property insurance business, Japan's domestic life insurance business, overseas insurance business, finance and general business. It hopes to provide help when customers need it urgently and become a strong backing when customers and society encounter emergencies. We uphold this philosophy and are committed to becoming a good company worthy of trust through accumulated efforts

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about transcosmos group

transcosmos has been committed to integrating excellent people and new technological capabilities since its inception in 1966, and helping enterprise customers strengthen their competitiveness with high-quality and high-value services. At present, transcosmos can provide enterprise customers with two types of support services to reduce costs and expand revenue in business processes through the refined operation of 167 branches in 30 countries around the world with Asia as the center. In addition, with the development of the worldwide e-commerce market in October 2016, transcosmos also provides global one-stop e-commerce services to help enterprise customers provide high-quality goods and services to consumers in 48 countries around the world. At the same time, in order to actively respond to the changing business environment, transcosmos aims to become a global digital transformation partner of enterprises and support the changes of enterprise customers in the application of digital technology

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