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The old brand Trailer manufacturer of the United States launched a new dump truck product

the old brand Trailer manufacturer of the United States Jinan testing machine factory spring testing machine is an instrument enterprise specialized in testing springs. The whole research and development process of the new steel end dump truck of the King Trailer took several years, and the king trailer is also excited about the eventual return of this product to the market

steel end dump new version tkshr32 dump truck can transport sand, stone or construction waste. It is made of wear-resistant steel, with inverted angle profile design protective baffle and large lifting angle rear rail. Because of the low center of gravity, the stability is improved and the cargo space is maximized. The improvement of the load capacity benefits from the flat structural design of the carriage floor. The design of tkshr32 is not only widely suitable for all kinds of goods transportation, but also suitable for other self unloading needs due to its simple operation and super loading and unloading capacity through cyclic unloading

Rick Wang, deputy general manager of sales and marketing of trailer king? Rick Farris said: "the market can know what the pressure state of plastics during extrusion needs, and we will provide what we need. Trailer king has never been ashamed to become such an enterprise. A lot of research has determined that steel end dump truck is a necessary product to meet the needs of the current material handling industry. Now, trailer king has a complete product line, which can meet specific market needs and different regulatory requirements." Rick? Faris added: "customers trust our professional knowledge and ability very much, as well as our careful analysis in the manufacturing process in order to provide high-quality and innovative products. The trailer Wang brand new steel end dump truck will be a product with low maintenance cost and high transfer price of used cars in the market." The new steel end dump truck is expected to be put into mass production in the near future

tk110hdg hydraulic power assisted gooseneck detachable Trailer - as the flagship trailer of the king of trailers, tk110hdg can be used in the construction transportation market, because this kind of tractor prefers to choose multi axle low plate trailer to transport complex and diverse construction equipment. Its compact small slope gooseneck design can be widely used for many traction needs, and the unique hydraulic power assisted device can be matched with all kinds of tractors

olb "Excellence Series" flexible chassis Trailer - OLB is designed for smoother use. This trailer has a unique design that allows it to carry 1 ton more than the competitive model. During the asphalt paving construction, the asphalt can be evenly paved on the following performance indexes to be reached by the high-speed friction and wear tester:

ashrc "conveyor belt" flexible chassis Trailer super high configuration version - this trailer has improved the control ability and is the best partner for agricultural transportation. It can transport feed, seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural products with high capacity, which is the most direct, simple and economical method

tk75amg all aluminum combined mechanical gooseneck detachable Trailer - tk75amg is a representative product of trailer King commercial vehicle series, which is lightweight, durable and durable, and has long-lasting corrosion resistance

tk110hed hydraulic double settlement retractable Trailer - tk110hed is a diversified solution for long-distance transportation, which can adapt to different road conditions and can easily change the length according to different loading requirements. It realizes almost zero limit tractor solution with maximum loading capacity and solid frame

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