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[transfer innovation] new technologies in environmental protection industry help build a beautiful Shandong Province

according to the report of Shandong LianBo, a satellite TV channel of Shandong Radio and television station, the report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to give prominence to the construction of ecological civilization. Shandong vigorously promotes new technologies, new products and new equipment for energy conservation and environmental protection industries, establishes a green industrial structure based on environmental protection industries, helps the construction of ecological civilization, and creates a beautiful Shandong

a sludge dewatering workshop was found in Linshu niutugou sewage treatment plant in Linyi city. The sludge treatment equipment has never been used in the sewage treatment plant for eight years. Liuxianyi, deputy director of the Institute, told us that it had never been used because it had no sludge

the sludge mentioned by Liu Xianyi is the residue of sewage after treatment. Every 10000 cubic meters of sewage will produce about five tons of sludge. No sludge is produced in Jinan Shijin hammer handle strength treatment plant because an activated sludge reduction technology is applied. The landfill and incineration of the secondary pollution of sludge not only need to invest funds, but also will cause more advantageous harm to the environment for the electronic universal testing machine below 30t. This technology of Jinmin water company has turned harm into treasure

lijinmin told us that sludge reduction can bring direct economic benefits to the sewage treatment plant. The second environmental benefit is that there is no need for landfilling and no pollution to the environment

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Shandong Province focused on accelerating the research and development of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, making breakthroughs in coal saving, power saving and water pollution. Our company also undertook a number of key technologies such as various non-standard experimental machine projects and the technological upgrading and transformation project of experimental machines, such as pollution control. While making breakthroughs in pollution treatment, it encouraged enterprises to accelerate the pace of technological transformation, and new environmental protection materials were also promoted and applied. In Xiangcheng Town, Zoucheng City, biodegradable plastic film has been used on Farmers' land for two consecutive years

Ruan Jiuyong, project engineer of Shandong yikeman Technology Co., Ltd., said that the traditional mulching film will not degrade and disappear after being buried in the soil for hundreds of years. Now the fully biodegradable mulching film can be completely degraded by microorganisms after being buried in the soil and decomposed into water and carbon dioxide without any residue

the cost of this degradable plastic film is more than twice that of ordinary plastic film. In order to promote this environmental protection product, Zoucheng Municipal Bureau of agriculture and enterprises let farmers try it for free through cost sharing. This year, the trial area in Xiangcheng town reached more than 10000 mu

wangdemin, head of the agricultural technology station of Zoucheng Agricultural Bureau, said that after the successful test of this technology, it is of great significance to change the current situation of white pollution and circular ecological agriculture

in the next few years, Shandong will increase investment in science and technology, and strive to form 40 energy-saving and environmental protection service companies with an annual output value of more than 100million yuan by 2015; The total output value of energy conservation and environmental protection industry in the province reached 550billion yuan. The research and development of new environmental protection technologies will bring a win-win situation of economic development and environmental protection, and contribute to the construction of beautiful Shandong. (end)

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