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transcosmos China once again won the gold medal of tmall Taobao partners

provide one-stop e-commerce services from store opening, operation, customer service to warehousing and logistics on tmall platform, It has won the gold medal of tmall operation service category Amoy partners

transcosmos group (hereinafter referred to as transcosmos; headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and coo: Okita Changxiao; Dongzheng Code: 9715), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai texel cosmos Business Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as transcosmos China; headquarters: Shanghai, China; static experiment is conducted by using standard electronic universal experimental machine. Chairman and general manager: Ryo Yamashita) It won the gold medal of tmall's online shopping partners in 2016 issued by tmall, the largest e-commerce mall in China, which is also the highest award of tmall's online shopping partners

tmall's shopping for partners gold medal in tmall's operation service category is a selection made by tmall on behalf of the operation service providers settled on the tmall platform from the four main dimensions of operation ability, brand BD ability, service evaluation and development potential, combined with the overall ability of the service providers. A total of 19 enterprises won the gold medal in the operation service category, and transcosmos China is the only Japanese funded enterprise that won the gold medal. In addition, transcosmos China has just won the tmall five-star service provider evaluation for the second half of 2016 issued by tmall

selection results:

as a multinational enterprise with a history of more than 50 years, transcosmos focuses on combining the refinement concept and years of accumulated service experience with the actual situation of the local market, and strives to support the well-known brands in Asia, Europe and the United States to expand their business in Asia and even the global market through international standard local services and sales methods in line with local business rules, so that the enterprise can save costs and time investment, Expand sales and enhance market competitiveness

Since its establishment in Shanghai in 2006, transcosmos China has seven operation centers in four cities in China, providing extensive outsourcing services to about 60 enterprise customers. 2 Dongfeng passenger cars have formulated relevant odor evaluation standards; Establish professional odor evaluation personnel and organization; In the process of new vehicle development, evaluate the odor intensity and pleasant odor properties in the passenger compartment and trunk; Formulate improvement measures to eliminate or reduce the harmful smell in the new car; Interior trim suppliers and OEMs have established a unified evaluation standard. In 2009, transcosmos China began to engage in e-commerce business, which can cooperate with enterprise customers' business strategy and brand strategy, and provide e-commerce services from station building and operation, order execution (warehousing, distribution, packaging, shipping), customer service, to Internet promotion and data analysis; At present, the brands the company serves include beauty, clothing, infants and children, and even several 10mm "s; Long crack rdquo; Code products, toys and other industries

in addition, as an excellent e-commerce service provider, transcosmos China has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Taobao Mall (renamed tmall in 2012) as early as 2009 to provide enterprises with agent operation services of tmall platform; In the first half of 2014, it won tmall's clothing category gold Amoy partner, mother and baby category gold Amoy partner and shoes/luggage category silver Amoy partner; In the second half of the same year, it won the four tmall Taobao partner evaluations of clothing category gold medal Taobao partner, mother and baby category gold medal Taobao partner, daily necessities category silver medal Taobao partner and automobile category silver medal Taobao partner, becoming the only service provider that won the four Taobao partner trophies in the second half of 2014. These honors are highly recognized for transcosmos China's overall e-commerce operation capability

in the future, transcosmos China will continue to work to help global enterprise customers provide high-quality goods to Chinese consumers, and support enterprises to expand one-stop e-commerce services in the Chinese market with great potential, including cross-border business

※ transcosmos is the registered name and/or trademark of transcosmos Inc. in Japan and other countries

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■ about transcosmos group

transcosmos has been committed to integrating excellent people and the latest technical capabilities since its inception in 1966, and helping enterprise customers strengthen their competitiveness by providing high-quality and high-value services. At present, transcosmos is committed to providing two types of support services to help enterprise customers reduce costs and expand revenue in business processes through the excellent operation of 172 branches in 31 countries around the world with Asia as the center. In addition, with the development of the worldwide e-commerce market, transcosmos also provides global one-stop e-commerce services to help enterprise customers provide high-quality goods and services to consumers in 49 countries around the world. At the same time, in order to actively respond to the changing business environment, transcosmos aims to become a global digital transformation partner of enterprises and support the changes of enterprise customers in the application of digital technology

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