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[transaction express] the warehouse receipt of oil price reached a new high and followed up.

[transaction express] the market closed at 15:00. The China Plastics warehouse receipt index closed at 1290.16, up 4.59 points compared with the previous trading day

boosted by the oil price of more than 100 yuan on Tuesday, the China Plastics warehouse receipt market stopped falling and returned to temperature today, and the rising voice rose again

opening in the morning, LLDPE and PP all opened slightly higher, prices rose narrowly in the early stage, tended to be stable in the middle and late stages, and closed up slightly in the late afternoon; The three varieties traded in the afternoon were mixed, with ABS and PVC rising slightly and HDPE falling. On the disk, the best scale shows that today's market trading atmosphere is active and the transaction is still good; Intraday trading was relatively balanced, with many buyers' short-term returns and new forces entering, while the sellers built their positions one after another and ordered small increments. On the daily K-line chart of the warehouse receipt composite index, we have targeted and symptomatic treatment: today, we have received a short positive, the physical center of gravity has moved up slightly, and the KDJ index remains in the overbought area

on the whole, the market rose again today, and the market atmosphere has warmed up. However, the long and short disk pattern has not been reversed. Under the current situation that the spot market has not been started, it is worth guessing how much upward space the warehouse receipt can have in the short term, and it needs to be cautious to pursue the rise

15:00 the market closed. With the development of environmental protection, the settlement prices of b0804, hd0804, ll0804, pp0805 and pvc0805 were 15058, 13429, 13817, 11962 and 7504 yuan/ton respectively, up and down by +26, -21, +57, +54 and +105 points compared with the previous trading day. A total of 8890 tons were traded in the market today, an increase of 745 tons over the previous trading day; The total order was 18355 tons, an increase of 1085 tons compared with the previous trading day. The specific data of double quantity are as follows:

total quantity






trading volume

88 will cause cracks and defects in the test body 90






order quantity







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