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Transcosmos topped the 2018 call center industry sales list in Japan on October 31, the Japanese Circulation Industry published the 2018 call center industry sales list in Japan, and transcosmos group topped the list with an annual sales of 284696 million yen

the newspaper commented that transcosmos, bellsystem24 and relia, Inc., as the top three call center industries in Japan, all achieved sales growth in 2018. The sales of most call center enterprises in the survey increased, and a few enterprises were in a downturn. The call center industry as a whole showed a steady growth trend

transcosmos, which is at the top of the list, shows a growth trend in cashless related industries. For Japanese government agencies and local organizations, the company has carried out relevant services based on line. The company will find more effective new production methods to reduce production costs, which has attracted many cooperation and consultation

are you proud to be a member of transcosmos? Let us, as always, uphold the company's service philosophy to provide customers with services beyond their expectations! Continue to work together and grow together with customers, enterprises and transcosmos

group officer: http://ww The key contradictions of many questions have been exposed. The maximum test power of ANS Cosmo is 50kN. It has built a colorful polycarbonate body for Meilan 3

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