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The Oudian flooring incident and the state will adjust new policies such as the consumption tax of solid wood flooring, which have brought difficulties for consumers to choose decoration floor materials

the Oudian flooring incident and the state will adjust new policies such as the consumption tax of solid wood flooring, which have brought difficulties for consumers to choose decoration floor materials. Chinese interior decoration "> the indoor environment monitoring committee of the decoration Association issued a warning on the consumption of indoor environment in home decoration, reminding people to choose ground materials scientifically and reasonably, and pay more attention to environmental protection effects when home decoration.

relevant experts pointed out that ground materials are the largest decoration materials in home interior decoration, and they are also the decoration materials with the highest frequency of use, a high proportion of funds in decoration, and mainly affect the indoor environment, such as If it is not properly selected and handled, the ground will become the main source of household indoor pollution. It is understood that the floor materials commonly used by Chinese consumers in home decoration mainly fall into three categories: solid wood flooring, wood-based panels and stone tiles. So, how should consumers choose floor materials in home decoration? Songguangsheng, director of the indoor environment monitoring committee of China Interior Decoration Association, pointed out that consumers should remember the three principles of scientific and reasonable selection of floor materials:

environmental protection principle: from the analysis of the three commonly used floor materials at present, the three materials have indoor environmental pollution problems of varying degrees, and the floor materials of wood-based panels cause more indoor environmental formaldehyde pollution problems. Solid wood floor paint volatile organic compounds and benzene pollution, radioactive pollution of ceramic tile materials should also be paid attention to

practical principle: pay attention to practicality in the selection of floor materials for home decoration. For example, some families are fully paved with solid wood floors, even including the living room and foyer that often go in and out. Due to the poor wear resistance and fear of water, the wear phenomenon will appear in front of the foyer, bathroom and kitchen door after using the solid wood floor for a period of time. Families with children or who like to keep pets should also pay attention. Some families are afraid of pollution. All the tiles are paved, but in such a room, people will feel cold in the northern winter. In addition, families with old people and children at home will become a safety hazard. To change the concept of one-time decoration to ensure a lifetime, young people can choose some wood-based panel floors that are more practical, economical, colorful and easy to replace

economic principle: Floor materials are the main expenditure of family decoration, so we should decide which floor materials to choose according to the budget of decoration expenditure, and do not blindly compare and blindly pursue high prices. According to the white paper on the cost of laminate flooring in China issued by the all China Federation of industry and commerce, the reference retail price range of 8mme0 qualified laminate flooring in the market should be between 65 yuan and 69 yuan per square meter

relevant experts pointed out that some problems should also be paid attention to in ensuring the pavement quality of ground materials:

pay attention to the limit of harmful substances in ground materials: choose ground materials that meet the national limit of harmful substances; Reasonably match the floor materials. If the room area is more than 100 square meters, it is best not to choose a floor material to prevent indoor environmental pollution caused by harmful substances in the floor materials

pay attention to the paving quality of the floor: the paving quality of the ground materials is also an important aspect of the quality. Among the quality problems of the floor, the quality problems caused by the paving are the main aspects, such as the keel of the solid wood floor, the expansion joint of the composite floor, and so on. Floor manufacturers and consumers should pay attention to the quality supervision of the paving site and note it in the purchase contract

pay attention to the quality of auxiliary materials: including the quality of keel under solid wood floor and the selection and quality of lining materials under wood-based panel floor. Pay attention not to use large core board as lining plate under solid wood floor or composite floor, because it will seriously pollute the indoor environment. If you need to pave the lining plate, you can choose new pollution-free materials

pay attention to the paving characteristics of materials: for example, solid wood floors are easy to absorb moisture in the air and deform. Pay attention to paving in windy weather or plum rain weather. The composite floor will expand and contract with the temperature, and the expansion and contraction joints should be reserved when paving




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