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Business schools in April have experienced a busy season, with batches of stores established, batches of students signing up for training, and shopping guide elite classes opened batch after batch.

business schools in April have experienced a busy season, with batches of stores established, batches of students signing up for training, and shopping guide elite classes opened batch after batch

on the fifth floor of the headquarters, the business school has been echoing the professional lectures of teachers, the confident replies of students, and the laughter of teams playing games together

super high appearance of the 95th shopping guide elite class

this shopping guide elite class consists of 12 new stores, forming a powerful team. They were from Cangnan in Wenzhou, Hechuan in Chongqing, Huangshan in Anhui, Huizhou in Guangdong, Tianzhu in Guizhou, Xinzheng in Henan, Yingjiang in Yunnan, Pinghu in Zhejiang, Jimo in Shandong, Shucheng in Anhui, Yanshi in Henan, and Nancheng in Jiangxi. A total of 33 students from 12 stores participated in the training. They came from all over the country and brought their love and wisdom for soft clothing together like a duck to water

the 10 day course of ruyushui shopping guide elite class enables the new shopping guide in the exclusive store to master some basic professional knowledge and sales mode in the shortest time, and get started as soon as possible after returning to the store

it is mainly aimed at the training of basic knowledge including order terms, measuring rule reduction, calculation, wall cloth and wall background, OMS recording and automatic quotation system, as well as the training of practical knowledge such as suit technology, home decoration style, color matching, 3D design software, etc

basically, every dealer is very resistant to the long-term training before coming, but he is very happy after participating in the training

came to Hangzhou to start training 33 students, like a cup, pour out their own water, and start learning from the beginning. Everyone is the same starting line, starting 10 days of training and learning with an empty cup mentality and the spirit of struggle. After leaving school for several years, such training and learning opportunities are rare

the two squad leaders of this year have their own characteristics. The boys are mature and stable, have a holistic view, and the girls are playful, cheerful and energetic. They cooperate and lead the whole team of the 95th session to face difficulties

in the process of training, it is not only the time for business school coaches to teach basic knowledge, but also learn a lot of advantages from everyone

many dealers are usually busy with their work. After starting the training, they have no reason or excuse. They take classes, do exercises, and set a good example for their salesmen. It's great

10 days of training and learning were tense and full, which made everyone relive the pressure comparable to the college entrance examination, but no one flinched

with unremitting efforts, passing the training and assessment is the second, breaking through yourself and realizing your ability is the most important. In fact, many students are excellent as long as one person urges them

several students agreed to compare their performance after returning to the store on the end of the day. They were very excited and forced themselves to be better

students from all over the world get married because they are like a fish in water. The short and full years have made them form a deep friendship. I hope they can skillfully use their knowledge to serve every customer and make their personal career like a fish in water after they return to the store





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