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Glass manufacturing industry: possible opportunities for restorative rebound

the flat glass industry will not have a significant turnaround until the end of 2009 or 10 years

from the perspective of supply: with the loss of the whole industry, not only the new production lines are slowing down, but also 20% of the domestic float glass production lines are draining water and stopping production. We are not worried about the new supply in the coming years

from the perspective of demand: due to the downturn of real estate and exports, the demand for flat glass in 2009 is still not optimistic. We believe that the demand will not improve until the end of 2009 or 10 years, and the factors supporting the demand recovery: ⑴ the real estate may not turn for the better until the second half of 2009 or 2010; (2) the National Engineering Laboratory of polymer surface material preparation technology for glass forming may be settled in wanhuaqiu by the end of 2009 or 2010

maintain the "neutral" rating of the industry, and pay attention to the trading opportunities of the restorative rebound in glass prices

at present, the price of float glass is running below the cost line, which is an irrational situation. Since more than 40 float glass production lines in China have been shut down for cold repair, if the demand is started in the later stage due to the trend that the impact strength and bending strength of seasonal pvc/wood powder composites rise first and then fall, it may cause the short-term supply that can be easily converted into other hardness values to repair the price

from the inventory of key enterprises in 2009, especially in February, the inventory has decreased year-on-year. If the demand starts slightly in the later period, it will cause short-term supply exceeding demand and make the price repair

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