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Glass: the pessimism has risen again, the glass basis has reached a new high, the pessimism in the black building materials market has risen again, some varieties once hit the daily limit, and the trend of the plate's leading rebar, iron ore and other varieties has broken. Dragged down by this, the main force of glass fell yesterday and returned to below the 60 day moving average, breaking the short-term rebound pattern

in terms of spot goods, the market has generally maintained a steady and rising trend since the weekend. Shahe factory warehouse continues to raise prices slightly, and the 5mm glass equivalent disk price has been raised to yuan/ton; The market prices in East China and central China remained stable, while the market performance in South China remained weak

in terms of price difference, with the decline of futures price, the base difference of glass factory and warehouse continues to strengthen. The base difference of factory and warehouse in Shahe area has exceeded 100 yuan/ton at most, and Hubei area with high discount in the early stage has also returned to the vicinity of flat water. The weakening of market expectations made the glass futures return to the discount operation, but the deviation from the current trend continued to push up the basis between the factory and the warehouse, or limit the momentum of short selling in the market

in terms of devices, Shandong Guangyao front line completed the transformation and re ignition last weekend. At the end of the month, several production lines in Shandong and Hebei still planned to resume production. It is expected that the supply in North China market will gradually be under pressure from the middle of June

in terms of operation, many single companies left the site to watch and pay attention to the first-line support of RMB/ton in the short term


1. For example, the prices of key markets and factories and warehouses such as discarded traditional Chinese medicine residues, bagasse and straw

2。 Change of glass production line

3。 Glass inventory changes

4. Change in the number of warehouse receipts of the exchange

5。 The introduction of macroeconomic data and relevant policy changes

risk factors:

1. Large scale cold repair and shutdown of glass devices -- increased efforts to reduce production

2。 Real estate investment and new construction rebounded sharply - effective transmission from the sales end to the supply end

3。 Stimulus policy overweight -- promote market speculation

has a resource base for developing graphene industry

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