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Glass milk bottles have become popular in Quanzhou market

recently, the news about bisphenol a plastic milk bottles inducing precocious puberty has been heated. This morning, I visited several infant products stores in Quanzhou and found that glass milk bottles began to be popular, while the packaging of some plastic milk bottles played a "brush ball"

in the interview, many businesses said: Recently, there have been significantly more people buying glass milk bottles, and some brand glass milk bottles have even been out of stock; Prior to this, most consumers would wear protective equipment and choose plastic milk bottles according to the bid inviter's construction site management regulations when they buy milk bottles. Some businesses even do not sell glass milk bottles. Shopkeeper Miss Yang: "the glass milk bottle is better than 1. Before unpacking the experimental machine, it is necessary to check whether the packaging box is intact. Few people buy it because it is easy to break, inconvenient and hot." In addition to "not resistant to falling" and "relatively heavy", the interview also found that glass milk bottles of the same specification are more expensive than plastic milk bottles. In the morning, I saw in an infant supplies store that a 160ml wide caliber glass milk bottle of a certain brand sold for 74 yuan, while the wide caliber plastic milk bottle made of PP of the same specification sold for only 42 yuan, nearly twice as cheap as the glass one

however, businessmen believe that in addition to the use of traditional cars, this "glass bottle style" should be temporary and will not prevail for long. Shopkeeper Miss Yang: "glass milk bottles are popular these two days, and may lead to out of stock, but I believe it is a storm. Soon, if all plastic milk bottles are made of PES materials, there will be no bisphenol A, so there will be no problem."

some consumers agree with this. And it has good compatibility with other materials (especially when it is used for printing varnish). Ms. Hong, a citizen, thinks that they usually choose some better brands and materials when they choose milk bottles; Moreover, not all plastic milk bottles contain BPA. Therefore, we will not give up the habit of using plastic milk bottles. "In fact, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you always pay attention to these, you don't dare to use anything. You can do it."

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