The most popular glass industry in Guangdong saw a

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Guangdong: from January to October, the output of the glass industry decreased significantly.

under the strong impact of the international financial crisis, some traditional industries in Guangdong, such as textile and clothing, building ceramics, etc., have shown a significant slowdown in growth and production reduction since this year

according to the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of statistics, the growth of building materials and non-ferrous metal calendering products in Guangdong also slowed down or decreased From January to October, Guangdong sanitary ceramics grew by -17.4%. With the upgrading of household property mediation and resolution in the areas of aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry and transportation, the growth rate decreased by 62.8 percentage points year-on-year; Daily glass products increased by -10.7%, down 33.6 percentage points; Flat glass increased by -2.2% and decreased by 24.3 percentage points; Cement increased by -2.6%, down 13.6 percentage points, and daily-use ceramics increased by -1.4%, down 12.0 percentage points; Architectural coatings increased by -2.8%, down 11.5 percentage points over time Steel and ten kinds of non-ferrous metals increased by 3.1% and 22.9%, with the growth rate decreasing by 15.1 and 30.6 percentage points respectively year-on-year

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