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The whole national glass market is doing well

many glass dealers who were frightened in 2002 are expected to have a good return in the new year. This is the conclusion of the author after analyzing the market trend of the 2003 glass market after the Spring Festival

insiders know that since the fall of 2001, the market price has not rebounded. The ex factory price of 3.9cm glass fell from 14 yuan per square meter in October of that year to 9 yuan per square meter during the Spring Festival in 2002. As a result, the glass manufacturers were unable to sustain themselves and the market prices were chaotic, which also led to the bankruptcy of Shuangliao glass factory on April 30 last year, and the hard-earned money deposited by many glass dealers in the manufacturers was wasted. Fuyao Glass leasing Shuangliao glass factory opened the prelude to bankruptcy, merger and integration of China's glass industry. Due to the difficulty of working capital, Shenyang Xingguang Hushitai, Kaiyuan, Taiyuan, Lingyuan and other float lines have successively stopped production and released water... Under the situation that the national glass price is in chaos, Fuyao Glass's intervention and the price confrontation of the East Commonwealth have stopped the downward slide of the national glass market price. Under the coordination of the State Economic and Trade Commission, some manufacturers in the Commonwealth of East Asia finally reached an agreement with Fuyao Glass. On August 26 last year, they jointly raised the glass price in the Northeast market, stopped the downward trend of the national glass price, ensured the stability of the glass price in the second half of the year, and made everyone yield: the load exceeding the proportion limit is no longer proportional to the elongation. They are all very happy

on the eighth day of the first month of the Spring Festival, glass factories began to raise glass prices. Luobo, Qinhuangdao and northeast factories adjusted glass prices. Prices below 5cm rose by 0.5 yuan/m2, and prices above 6cm rose by 1 yuan/m2. So far, the national glass price has started to rise

at the same time, the East China Glass consortium meeting was successfully concluded in Nanjing on February 10. 13 manufacturers reached a consensus on the glass price increase. The meeting decided to increase the glass price by 1.5 yuan/square meter

Fuyao Glass Group held a symposium with 20 key customers in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia on February 13. The main content of the meeting was also to discuss the increase of glass prices

Shaanxi Shenmu Jingniu Glass Co., Ltd. is in short supply recently. Various glass distribution companies have paid for the goods one after another, but the supply still exceeds the demand. Therefore, it is expected that the market glass price will be further increased in the near future

the price of 4cm and 5cm glass produced by Shenyang glass factory of Yaohua Glass Group rose by 0.5 yuan. The glass dealers in East and North China paid for the goods one after another. It is expected that the glass price will continue to rise from March 1

it can be seen from the comparison of factory prices in recent days that only Inner Mongolia Haibowan and Shaanxi Shenmu have relatively low factory prices in China, and other manufacturers have increased their factory prices by more than 1 yuan/square meter after the Spring Festival. In terms of inventory, except that Shuangliao and Tongbo in Northeast China have 1.3 million WB, the inventory of glass of other manufacturers in China is less than that in previous years. Affected by the increase of domestic demand and exports, the supply of most manufacturers is tight, and some varieties are in short supply. However, the shortage of working capital of a small number of domestic manufacturers will not have a great impact on the current market price, but will only accelerate the closure of those unsustainable enterprises

at present, all dealers in the country are holding money for purchase, ready to stock up on glass. However, because they have lost confidence in the reputation of small and medium-sized glass manufacturers nationwide, they dare not sign off easily, which has created a good policy atmosphere for the development of new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles. The prices of large manufacturers are relatively high, so some dealers are in a dilemma. In particular, a small number of dealers in Northeast and North China with annual sales of less than 40million yuan have failed to find trusted manufacturers to purchase. Faced with rising glass prices, Has begun to look for new ways and means to store glass

from this point of view, the rising trend of glass prices after the Spring Festival in 2003 is a foregone conclusion. There are five bases: first, all glass manufacturers across the country have no inventory, so they must adopt the formula of falling spectrum calculation, and some first-class dealers go to the manufacturers to discuss purchasing matters; Second, because the second and third level dealers do not have a large amount of winter storage and have no goods in hand, the manufacturer will not reduce the price any more; Third, more than ten float lines will be shut down or repaired with water, resulting in a reduction in output; Fourth, due to the merger and integration of enterprises and the formation of glass industry giants, the number of manufacturers disrupting market prices is decreasing; Fifthly, the industry price of glass associations in various regions. The improvement of China's plastic machinery dispensing structure. The development space of the extruder industry is self-discipline and the expectations of dealers are all promoting the overall rise of market prices

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